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What is Academy

Derana SME Academy – Towards an entrepreneural Culture

In line with this concept the SME academy of Derana SME Club will conduct workshops in schools on importance of entrepreneurship to develop entrepreneurial skills among school children in order to develop entrepreneurship in this country. Therefore, if society is to enjoy the benefits that entrepreneurs bring, it is only fair that we equip them with the training to do so. On the reverse side, the personal benefits of an entrepreneurial education spread far further than purely the business world leading to an arguably more prosperous livelihood.

Entrepreneurship education benefits students from all socioeconomic backgrounds because it teaches students to think outside the box and nurtures unconventional talents and skills. Furthermore, it creates opportunity, ensures social justice, instills confidence and stimulates the economy and help students to gain skills on money management, financial literacy and interpersonal communications. Further to this, even those who instead choose to pursue employed careers, are more financially literate so they are more likely to save and invest, making home ownership and a secure retirement more likely.

There is also evidence to suggest that teaching children subjects that are more applicable to real-life life, such as those most associated for entrepreneurs, makes them more interested in education and more willing to learn in the long-run.

Entrepreneurial innovation and new enterprise are essential for a country to be globally competitive, with new technologies creating new jobs.

Derana SME Club will promote, facilitate and support entrepreneurship development skills and strengthen the entrepreneurship values and thinking among children and motivate them to be job creators rather than employment Seekers.